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“I've been rowing a Bay 21 for five years and I love it! The boat is stable and intrepid in all kinds of water, and when it's time to take up the power, it glides along better than other open water singles I've rowed. Fellow rowers urge me to try other vessels, and I do. But I always come back to my Bay 21.”




Seattle, WA



  • Perfect boat for a lifetime of rowing and fitness
  • Equipped with a relatively narrow beam for a recreational single, means that you will not “grow out” of this shell
  • Stable without the “tub” or “surfboard” feel of other recreational shells
  • Appreciated by elite athletes, masters rowers, scullers new to the sport and those rekindling their love of rowing   
  • Ergonomics and run of a racing single with the confidence of the 16” beam
  • Designed to be abuse resistant
  • Fits in most standard sized garages
  • Flat cockpit for easy car topping
  • The perfect shell for a vacation house by the water
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of rowers from light to openweight
  • Ergonomic lifting handle and cockpit ridge for ease of rack to dock and car to water transportation
  • Perfect for choppy water from wind or boat wakes
  • Designed to be a self-rescue shell i.e. it won’t swamp (bailer is also available)
  • Covers available for outside storage and transportation