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Let the Bay 21 be your program's secret weapon.


“From start to finish, this project was right! The Bay 21 is one of very few boats that more than meets the designer’s expectations.”

Bill Tytus
President, Pocock Racing Shells, Inc.
Co-developer of The Bay 21 Rowing Shell
Noted flat-water sculling coach


  • Improve sweep skills with sculling

  • Stable enough for a sweep rower with minimal or no sculling experience

  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of rowers from light to openweight

  • The 9th or 5th rower never left to erg at the boathouse (because that sucks!)

  • Seat racing in one-design singles

  • Provides the stability of a 4 with the technical transparency of a single

  • A perfect boat for a donor to purchase when they can’t afford an 8+

  • Ideal for intramural rowing programs

  • Standard Pocock fittings  — find replacement parts in your existing Pocock fleet (or contact Bay Shells Rowing) 

  • Available with an extra layer of fiber glass in the hull for additional durability