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“I’ve been responsible for maintenance and repair of a couple of Bay shells for several years now.  Both are popular boats and go out of our boathouse nearly every day.  I'm impressed by how well they are holding up. The only damage has been from people rowing into large hard objects, and that's been quick to fix.”



Susan Kinne

Rigger for Lake Washington Rowing Club and multiple Head of the Charles Champion.


  • Can be rowed for months as a technical springboard to a racing 1x

  • Designed to be abuse resistant

  • Simple rigging makes for easy adjustments

  • Seat racing in one-design singles

  • Ergonomic lifting handle and cockpit ridge for ease of rack to dock transportation

  • Perfect for clubs rowing in choppy water from wind or boat wakes

  • 316 Grade stainless steel hardware for superior corrosion resistance

  • Stable without the “tub” or “surfboard” feel of other recreational shells

  • Increased learn to row capabilities helps add more members

  • Standard Pocock fittings  -- find replacement parts in your existing Pocock fleet (or contact Bay Shells Rowing) 

  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of rowers from light to openweight

  • Designed to be a self-rescue shell i.e. it won’t swamp (bailer is also available)

  • Available with an extra layer of fiberglass in the hull for additional durability

  • Perfect boat for a lifetime of rowing