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Bay Shells Rowing — How it all began



Bay Shells Rowing has not always been recognized by the name and boat it sells today. It has a colorful history that began with open water rowing legend Gordon Nash. In 1978, he developed three boats:  the Pacific 18, Pacific 24 and the Pacific 30. He began manufacturing these boats at Pacific Rowing Crafters in Sausalito, CA.  The Pacific 24 quickly gained a reputation as a fast open water boat having been designed so that the center of buoyancy is forward of the cockpit, which causes the bow to rise in rough water. The Pacific 18 was a popular entry level boat. The Pacific 24 long held records in the Isles of the Shoals, Catalina, Monterrey and Santa Cruz races. In 1987, Nash sold his “plant” to an investor group called Rowtech Corporation.


From 1987-1989 the owners of Rowtech Corporation spent a significant amount of money on further product development and  produced around fifty 24’s and more than fifty 18’s. In 1989, they ceased operations due to management interest in other areas.


In 1989 the owner of Rowing/NW Inc., an avid open water rower named Tom Bush, obtained the molds for the boats and the rights to produce the shells. The molds were moved to Seattle. He renamed the Pacific 24 to the Bay 24 and the Pacific 18 became the Bay 18. Bush leased out space from the Portage Bay Sculling Club (where the Pocock Rowing Center is currently located) to house his rowing club, boat rentals and boat sales business.


The mold and rights to the Pacific 30 were sold to a member of the Southern California Paddle and Oar House where they were produced and sold.


In 1991 Bay Shells Inc. was started with Tom Bush as President and partners Jay Wakefield and Paul Harvey. Over the next several years Bay Shells was looking to develop the next generation of open water and recreational shells. Manufacturing was relocated to Pocock Racing Shells in Everett, Washington. In 1996 then President of Bay Shells Inc. Paul Harvey, collaborated with Bill Tytus of Pocock Racing Shells and the Bay 21 was born.


In 2010 under new ownership, Bay Shells Inc. became Bay Shells Rowing, LLC.   It is currently owned and operated by Tyler and Christy Peterson. Christy started rowing at the collegiate level in 1993 and spent 6 years racing as a lightweight. She was part of a PCRC championship lightweight crew, competing at the National Level in the Lightweight National Championships twice. She went on to coach at the collegiate level. Tyler has been rowing since 1995, has been a member of the US National Team and holds many course records in Open Water races. He is a two time winner of the North American Open Water Championships. Tyler is the current President of Sound Rowers and Paddlers, the nation’s premiere open water rowing club. 


 In 2011 the Bay 21 underwent some design upgrades and is now able to accommodate a variety of new options. The company is always looking to improve and expand the products to incorporate the latest in shell design and accommodate rowers of all experience levels. By working with the elite craftsmen at Pocock Racing Shells and through independent testing, we plan to continue to be innovators in the rowing industry and plan to take recreational and open water rowing to new heights.