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Where can I get the latest information on Bay Shells Rowing?

For the absolute latest, check out our Facebook page or Contact Us via Email 


Where is the serial number on my Bay 21?

The Serial number is stamped into the stern of your boat on the port side near the seam line.

 How can I clean and maintain my new Bay 21?

  • Wipe down your boat with a clean dry towel after every row

  • If you regularly row in salt or brackish water, it is recommended to wash your boat with a non-abrasive cleaner or soap and rinse with fresh water.

  • Wipe down seat tracks and oar locks with a clean, damp towel and make sure they stay clear of dirt, sand and other particles.

  • Open hatches and plugs so that the airtight hull can breathe.

  • Make sure all the nuts and bolts are attached and tight.

  • Spray racing sandals with an anti-fungal spray.

  • Cleaning your boat with a non-abrasive cleaner will help maintain the look of your hull. Never use any products containing bleach on your boat.

  • Applying a light coat of wax annually will keep your hull looking shiny and will make your boat easier to clean.

  • Loosen and clean all nuts and bolts.

  • Maintain your oarlocks by cleaning and adding a thin coat of a corrosion control gel or spray such as Lanocote.

  • If the plastic seats feel sticky, you can add a few drops of “3 in 1” oil to the axels of your seat.


How can I store my boat and protect it from sun and weather damage?

Storing your boat indoors in a boathouse, garage, shed or under an overhang and out of direct sunlight is the best way to protect it from sun damage. If you have to store your boat outdoors, purchasing a cover will be the best bet. Bay Shells offers different cover options depending on your needs. Please see the Accessories page.


If storing your boat on a rack, store your boat guts down (upside-down) and make sure your rack is level. Cover the rack with foam or rubber padding. If storing your boat on the bow or stern deck, be sure to use a foam cradle. The boat can rest comfortably along any part of the cockpit gunnel.


How long will it take to get my new boat? 

We typically have a few boats in stock that can be customized to your specifications and ready for you in a few days. Non-stock boats and boats ordered with specific customizations will typically take 4-6 weeks.


Do you have a showroom?

At this time our manufacturing facility is closed to the public. If you would like to look at a boat, contact us to schedule a demo row at Lake Washington Rowing Club in Seattle or another location.


What is the safest way to transport my Bay 21?

For car topping, we recommend your boat travel upside down. Padding is recommended for your racks to protect the boat. Tie down with boat straps. For more stability, it is highly recommended to add a bow and stern line.   Always mark your stern with a red flag to indicate the overhang. Contact Us via Email for unique car topping situations.


Where can I get replacement parts?

Contact Us via Email at Bay Shells Rowing for any replacement parts.


Many open water races require that I wear or carry a PFD on board my boat. What is the best option for this?

Whether you are racing in open water or just out for a row, it is always recommended that you carry some kind of life jacket.   For a lightweight inflatable short vest, we recommend the Stormy Seas SV-100 Ultralight vest. You can wear this vest while rowing or stow it in your cockpit.


I just bought a new Bay 21, but I am not 100% confident in my rowing skills yet. Do you know of anyone who does private or small group lessons?

Absolutely!  We have a network of coaches who teach private and group lessons. We would be happy to connect you with someone to fit your needs!  Contact Us via Email for further information.  Stability pontoons are also available to act as training wheels as you build your skills.


Can I customize my boat with different colors and graphics?       

The Bay 21 is only manufactured with a white finish. However, custom graphics are available!  Our custom graphics are made from outdoor rated vinyl.   They can be custom designed with your logo, racing stripes, or graphic and colors of your choice!


Do you still manufacture and sell the Bay 24?

No. The Bay 24 is not made or sold anymore.


Do you sell oars?

Yes we do!  We stock high quality sculls perfect for the Bay 21. Contact Us via Email for additional information.      


Do you sell boat covers?

Yes!  We have different cover options available based on your storage and transportation needs. Please see the accessories page for additional details. Contact Us via Email for more information.  


Do you deliver boats?

We do deliveries. We offer free delivery to the Puget Sound area. There is a delivery charge for areas outside Puget Sound and throughout North America. Contact Us via Email for additional details.


Do you sell boat slings?

Yes slings are available. Please see the accessories page for additional details. Contact Us via Email for more information.


What is the warranty on my Bay 21?

Bay Shells Rowing, LLC provides a 10 year warranty on all products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty applies only to the original owner of purchases made directly from Bay Shells Rowing, LLC. This warranty is non‐transferable.

Bay Shells Rowing reserves the right to determine if a boat will be covered under the warranty. Cosmetic imperfections, normal wear and tear and damage due to improper transport, structural or other modifications or negligence are not covered under warranty. Your original invoice is your proof or purchase.